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Our wines

The Home is not the house but rather where our presence 
and attention resides.
Home is where we feel comfort, warmth, coziness, where we come back with delight and a smile on the face. To some extent, this is our understanding of what wine should be – passionate, embracing, pure, sincere –
a space which allows letting go
and indulging. 

Our wines are sincere, pure and hand-crafted with minimum intervention, whilst preserving their authenticity to the fullest. We don’t use any stabilizers and we ensure to create the most optimal conditions for a high aging potential for our wines.  And we believe we succeed well in doing that.

Our intention is towards creation of  natural wines with a distinctive personality and signature, which at the very least, won’t leave you indifferent. 

Our wines are deep, powerful, distinguishable, each carrying its own uniqueness. What is common for all of them is the prolonged aging in oak, a sense of completeness and the fine balance between body, fruit, acidity and a lasting aftertaste.

We age the wine in 100 litre barrels made from Bulgarian white oak, and we bottle each one separately, rather than blending the wine altogether, or as they call it – single barrel. This way, we preserve the wine’s individual personality  and authenticity. The differences in taste characteristics may be significant – something we consider to possess a certain charm and which we have deliberately decided to keep this way, thus creating a variety of tastes and experiences all within the same year.

We leave our wines unfiltered, so they may contain a certain amount of sediment, often referred to as wine diamonds.