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Villa Katina Chardonnay Barrique 2022

Tasting Notes

4 months ageing in acacia barrels

Bio certified Chardonnay, р32

4 months ageing in acacia barrels

Оur Chardonnay Barrique has a noble golden colour with ethereal petroleum notes. A scent of Bulgarian rose, jasmine, ripe olives and fragrant smoke. You may also discover rustic notes and those of oriental herbs and fresh green leaves.

The taste is unexpected and may surprise you. It blends well together freshness, maltiness, spicy tones and an exotic sweetness. Honey and acacia notes dominate, combined with hints of mint and frankincense. The wine has a viscous body with a long finish. In the dry fraction you can discover peach blossoms, mint and geranium.

Free-flow wine, made without any pressing or mechanical intervention.
Unfiltered, might contain wine crystals.
Natural wine without any sulphites or stabilisers.

Harvest: 06.09.2022
Ageing: 4,5 months in Bulgarian acacia barrels
Bottled: 15.04.2023
Limited series of 250 bottles

Alc. 13,7%

Out of stock
Price: 27lv