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Our values

We value the relationship with the land as well as the care for it. We see the synergy between land, vineyard, grapes, man, and wine as one constant and perpetual wheel of circulation.

Just as the rain waters the earth and together with the sun they take care of the vines, just as the grape juice gets turned into wine through man’s hands, in that same way, we believe that we too transform ourselves in the process.
For us, the final result is not an end in itself, but rather also the interaction in this whole cycle and the changes that we undergo as individuals. 

Our values


Sustainability, Care, Naturalness

Our intention is to create a connection with the land and to restore the relationship between man and land – this is where our understanding of ‘care’ begins and this is the kind of attitude and quality that we also seek to carry over into our wines. For this reason we don’t use any chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, sulphites, etc. when cultivating the land, growing the fruit and making the wine. 

We invest our attention and resources into restoring the land and its natural rhythm and environment. 

We value highly the attitude and interaction with the earth and, despite the risks, we choose to grow our vines not by treating them as a monoculture but rather as a synergy between a variety of cultures and thus following the principles of biological and biodynamic agriculture. We search for sustainable solutions throughout the entire process.


Craftsmanship, Detail, Presence

Over the years our focus has been on hand-crafting our wines throughout every step of the process. Our intention is to maintain this approach as much as possible, albeit its labour intensity, as it is a symbol of human participation and presence. 

We believe that good wine is the sum total of the love and attitude towards the land, vines and fruit,  and the patient and kind interaction between man and wine throughout its entire journey – in the cellar and beyond. To us, the attention that we put into the process and product is of great importance – the ability to listen, to trust, to handle the wine with care, with a smile, and to go as far as carefully choosing the music, the words and even our thoughts when working with the wine. In this interaction we undergo transformation  as much as the wine itself does.. 

We find joy in the possibility to remain flexible and be able to experiment at any given moment. We are thankful that every bit goes through our hands and that we can offer a product with a very personal and traceable story. 

We believe that our intervention in the process of winemaking should be at the necessary minimum and of very high quality – if there is no need and no problem, we don’t interfere. Our role is to create a clean and favourable environment, and to have patience for things to ripen, whilst paying attention to every little detail.

We support our local craftsmen and production, and choose to work with Bulgarian white oak barrels. 

Our values
Our values


Purity, Transformation, Passion

Our overall direction is towards purity and naturality – this is the concept and approach which we also translate into our wines, which contain no added sulphites or stabilizers. 

We perceive wine similarly to what in the Hellenic World people referred to as ‘Scythian wine’ – bold, thick, with a powerful presence and, as Egyptians say, а kind of wine that heralds the connection we possess with a finer world. We believe that just as metamorphosis is embedded in life, so too the process of winemaking carries a potential for transformation on multiple levels. Bearing these in mind, we believe it is worth mentioning that we consider the effect of tipsiness as positive as it is a step in the process of revealing a layer of a person’s genuineness. That is also a result of the quality and the character of the wine itself. .

We dream to preserve and further unfold our vision of a family-owned production, a small circle of friends, united around the idea of wine as an elixir and moved forward by their love for it. A community with a shared passion, vision and direction, and the deriving attitude of attention, care, togetherness, tradition, and that of preserving and passing on the family values