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Villa Katina Rose 2022


Tasting Notes

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Probably one of the most distinct characteristics coming from our terroir is an elegant strawberry nose. One that you can easily sense in our Rose from Cabernet Sauvignon. Over the years it has surfaced in various nuances – strawberry jam, smoked strawberry with mint, Turkish delight or even a strawberry smoothie.

In this vintage, the wine unfolds in the glass with the scent of a wild strawberry, accompanied by gardenia flowers and a touch of lemon zest. The taste is crispy and fruity, with fresh acidity and a vibrant body. The colour is lively and gentle, resembling that of a raspberry or an unripe strawberry. The body is fresh, yet elegant.

Free-flow wine, made without any pressing or mechanical intervention.
Unfiltered, might contain wine crystals.
Natural wine without any sulphites or stabilisers.

Harvest: 09.09.2022
Bottled : 15.04.2023
Thracian Valley: Karabunar
Limited series of 375 bottles

Alc. 12,5%

Sold out
Price: 27lv