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Villa Katina Reserve 2019

Tasting Notes

12 months aging in old Bulgarian white oak barrels

Cabernet Sauvignon 95%
Merlot 5%

12 months aging in old Bulgarian white oak barrels

The aroma is a palette of leather, fragrant smoke from exotic trees, the slight spiciness of white pepper, a distant touch of cinnamon and wild cassis. A nostalgic reference to the scent of an old wooden cupboard, whose wood has soaked up the aroma of old perfumes. After a short decanting, cherries, spring blossoms and the scent of fig leaves emerges. 

The taste is intense and possesses a fine balance of density, fruit, astringency, durability and a long aftertaste. The acidity is moderate, bringing enough freshness without prevailing. The tannins are intense yet rounded.

The body is powerful, yet fruity. It carries notes of sour cherry, chokeberry, wild cassis, soft wooden notes, white pepper and a touch of cumin. After decanting, the fresh spiciness is complemented by pleasant sweet notes. The full picture of the journey is completed by the aroma of the dry fraction – notes of jam, plums, carob bark, a hint of vanilla, cocoa and green-fig jam. 

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